At Home Sphere home décor specialists and online boutique showcasing practical & beautiful solutions to reinvigorating your personal space

Hi, My name is Gwenola. I am originally from France and I arrived in beautiful Australia about 15 years ago with my then boyfriend-now husband. I’m also a mother of two young and energetic kids and a Secondary Teacher.


Why I created At Home Sphere

Over the space of the last 15 years, we lived in 8 homes both in Brisbane and now in Melbourne (almost a new place every 2 years!). We have lived in apartments, townhouses and in one house that we purchased and who was in big need of some TLC and renovation… After we had to move to Melbourne, we were back into the renting world and sold our house.

So far from my family and my homeland, it has always been important for me to adapt the new houses so that it would feel like our own and a place that we could truly call HOME.

I always had a passion for interior design and I could spend all days shopping online for all kind of Home décor!

Studies have proven that…

Carefully chosen décor has a substantial impact on our psyche. Spaces that contain pieces of personalised, sentimental items that resemble who we are often help to ground us, and assists us in creating our own safe haven when the day is done. How we live and the décor we adorn our homes with heavily impacts our way of existing. That’s why  Interior design may play an important role in our everyday health and well-being.


So often as renters we are bound by agreements that state we can’t hang photos, increase storage space using shelving or even fix furniture to walls for the safety of our children. Over the years (and the moves) I realised that the solution to this is through the selection of beautiful, personalised items that make a house a home.

Inspired by my own personal struggles and love of furnishings, I decided to create At Home Sphere – your new home décor specialists and gorgeous online boutique showcasing practical and beautiful solutions to reinvigorating your personal space: no matter where – or how – you live.


Would you like your space to feel more like a home? Are you looking for unique décor that resembles you? Maybe your place needs a freshen-up?

Or you simply love beautiful Home furnishings?

If you answered yes, At Home Sphere can help you find what you need.



Our mission

By partnering up with various great home décor businesses, At Home Sphere aims to deliver exceptional décor selections to tranquilize your space and help you to feel right at home, no matter your situation. I want you to fall in love with the pieces, and my dream is for you to use them to transform your current house into your own safe and satisfying space, where memories are born and nurtured. I’ve taken inspiration from stunning products, to provide you with new ways to approach achieving your own personal haven.

At Home Sphere also exists to deliver on ideas and solutions to create, decorate and personalise your ideal space no matter where you live, so you always feel at home in your own, customised cocoon. We want to share the same incredible feeling that we get when entering into our own unique space. From my family to yours, we invite you to browse our collection of tailored pieces and classic statements, and let At Home Sphere help you finally turn that house into your home.


Gwenola xx

At Home Sphere home décor specialists and online boutique showcasing practical & beautiful solutions to reinvigorating your personal space